Why We’re Here

Every Jewish student deserves a chance to enhance their connection to God, Torah learning and the advancement of their own Jewish identity. TIBC is a virtual platform bringing together a community of similarly motivated Jewish students from colleges throughout the country. Our goal is to help you envision and follow through on your own Jewish goals while in college.

Schedule and Cost

TIBC operates as standalone or continuous sessions during each of the fall and spring semesters.

Applications for the Fall 2021 Session are live!
Orientation is August 23 and the first class is August 30!

TIBC membership costs $18 a month and gets you access to all of our program opportunities. The cost is designed to ensure our community of students includes those most motivated to build a structure of accountability around their goals of Jewish learning and growth.

TIBC's Free Trial is from August 23 to September 14.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for TIBC is a motivated 19-22 year old Jewish student seeking mentorship or a network of peers to fill the gaps of what might not be available to them on or off campus. TIBC students can be taking a break from college, but ideally have not attended a Yeshiva or Seminary.


Rabbi Arieh Friedner

Founding Director

Rabbi Arieh Friedner grew up in the Schechter system in Cherry Hill, NJ, before graduating from MAYHS (South River) in 2004. Rabbi Friedner went on to study in Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem for four years, receiving Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and outreach training with Aish HaTorah and Ohr Samayach. Rabbi Arieh and Elissa Friedner moved to Cleveland in 2008. For 11 years they supported and mentored countless individuals while leading Cleveland’s NCSY chapter and directing an Israel Trip (TJJ) for 5 summers. In 2019 he founded TIBC as a tool for students with strong Jewish passion but without adequate resources for Jewish growth on campus.nd Chapter of NCSY and directing a Bus of TJJ; a premiere summer program for NCSY. In 2019 he founded TIBC as a new resource for students with a strong Jewish passion who found Jewish growth difficult on campus.

Miriam Schwartz

Education Coordinator

Shayna Feiger

Logistics Coordinator

Etan Vann

Media Consultant

Educational Contributers

Advisory Board


TIBC Mentorship Teams are comprised of excited men and women with the passion and experience to help young Jewish students study and grow. Please let us know if you have the interest and time to help a TIBC student with a minimum of 25 minutes of availability per week.


  • How is TIBC adapting to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    TIBC launched its pilot program in February of 2020 right before the start of the quarantine across America. Since then we have shifted our focus to virtual study and community building; with tremendous results. We look toward reintroducing Shabbatons into our program as soon as possible.

  • I have to focus on school - how much time will TIBC take?

    TIBC was designed and is constantly being adapted by its own students to be conveniently flexible into a busy college schedule. The baseline expectation of a TIBC student is 45 minutes a week, with all of its added opportunities dependent on each individual’s availability and interest.
  • Is TIBC a replacement for a Gap Year Program?

    Not even close! Nothing can replace a year or even a semester of study in Israel. TIBC should only be considered in a situation where going to Israel for the year is truly not an option.
  • Don’t we already have Hillel, Chabad, etc.? Why not get involved with something on my campus?

    You should! TIBC is called Torah Institute BEYOND Campus because you should first investigate and utilize the opportunities around you! TIBC is ideally for students who don’t have adequate resources or who have some reason why a virtual community could work best for them.
  • Can’t I find online classes for free?

    Yes, you can – and you should! TIBC, however, is not just virtual learning. TIBC is a community of similarly motivated students from across the Country who want to add a layer of accountability to their Jewish goals with advanced learning opportunities and personalized mentorship.